Painting by Paul Lemmon
Studio 263 Wimbledon Art Studios Riverside Yard, Riverside Road London SW17 0BB
m 07733015663
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Latest NEWS

Sketches for sale on Etsy

All colour sketches on paper or board are now available to buy directly from my Etsy page. FREE delivery!


Buy car sketches on Etsy

All of the car sketches are now available to buy directly from the Etsy website. FREE delivery!


Commission me

Commissions for car paintings open - email or call to discuss.

Welcome to

I'm a painter using oil on canvas to create work based on my own photography. This site contains the full range of my paintings to date, all of which are for sale or have been sold. If you're interested in purchasing take a look at the 'Available Work' page for paintings that are currently for sale.

Please also feel free to contact me for info on prices, commissions, forthcoming exhibitions, visiting my studio or anything else you might want to know.

Hope you enjoy it.